Beth Gate
Jones Street
Tybee Sunset
37th st. and Whitaker st.
House on Drayton at night
South of Forsyth neighborhood
Cathedral of St. John the Babtist
Grayson Stadium


In February 1733 General James Oglethorpe and 120 passengers on the good ship “Anne” landed at the foot of a bluff on the Savannah River and founded the city of Savannah and eventually the thirteenth American colony “Georgia.” Oglethorpe laid out a city plan of “squares” which today constitutes the majority of America’s largest historical landmark district. Unlike many other historical landmark districts, which are more museum than alive, Savannah is a living, breathing and thriving historical city with much to see and do.

Savannah’s River Street teems with shops, restaurants and bars as does much of the city in and around all the beautiful Squares of elegant homes, businesses and inns. After all, Savannah is the “Hostess City of the South.” Throughout the year there are many events to enjoy such as one of the world’s largest St. Patrick’s Day parades and celebration, the Savannah Music Festival, numerous tours of homes, Savannah Fashion week, Scottish games, various food and brew festivals, Savannah Jazz Festival, Savannah Pride, a Pirate Fest and many, many more. See

Around Savannah there are many places to visit and enjoy such as Tybee Island (Savannah’s beach), Wormsloe, Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, Forts Jackson and Pulaski, historic Beaufort and Jekyll Island to name a few.

Consider more than a day in Savannah, as there is so much to see. The beauty of the city with its famous Live Oak trees draped with Spanish moss and the wonderful architecture of the homes and buildings gives you the sense you are living in some perpetual movie set. I am firmly convinced that Savannah is America’s most beautiful small city.

Come, stay and enjoy incredible beauty from the colonial past that has survived into today and the future as a living-breathing city of diverse people from everywhere. Consider relocating to Savannah. The weather is very conducive and yes, there are seasons to enjoy but not the extremes of elsewhere in the USA. No place is perfect, but Savannah is very, very close.